Age: 26
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Measurements: 31 inches - 25 inches - 35 inches
Occupation/Education: Lead Manager

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
I was born and raised in a rural place, Bayawan City we are the Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental. Our Barangay is quite far from the City proper so I was really used to rural life and I love it so much I actually miss it now after moving here in Dumaguete City after I graduated high school. Though I always go home since it is just 1a 2-3 hour-drive from Dumaguete but still everything is so different. If I would look back to my 8-13 year old-self I would be so sure joining pageants or even talking in front of a crowd would be impossible for me. The very first time I used face powder was when I was in 3rd year High School, thanks to my barkada for teaching me because I was really the boyish type in our group. Also even answering a question during an oral recitation I would rather give my answer to my seatmate than raise my hand and answer. I was pretty bad publicly. Even during family occasions, I don’t like going out and engaging with my relatives. I always get really nervous. But overall, my childhood was one of the best for me. My family was complete, we were always together, we don’t start meals if one member is missing, my Mommyla was still with us, I enjoyed the love and care from our neighbors and all I was worried was how to ask permission to go swimming in the river behind our house. No cellphones, no social media, no internet connection but that was the life I miss now. I feel lucky I get to experience playing with our neighbors with my “kababatas” every afternoon—tumba patis, lantay-lantay, chinese garter, slipper kick, sud-sud, piko, pusil2x, dakpanay, aswang-aswang. I still even know how to make toy guns out of banana branches and also toy trucks using cans and some parts of a slipper (rubber). I always get excited when the clock ticks at 3pm because it’s play time for us. Those were some of the happiest years for me.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
Never take anything for granted. Because now, all I can do is look back. A lot changed and I just miss every bit of it. Try to always make time with the people you love because with that when their time is up you won’t have any regrets and you’ll have good memories to remember. Because in this lifetime you will only have 1 chance to meet them and be with them. Then when that chance ends, there will be no next time. I was a very daring one when I was a kid. I practiced riding a bicycle when I was in kindergarten not just the small one but I used to borrow the bike of my mommyla’s colleague every afternoon after school by myself. I was even the one who taught my older sister ride a bicycle and motorcycle. I learned how to drive a motorcycle when I was in grade 3. Bruises and wounds all the way but it did not stop me because I was so determined in learning. And that’s one thing I learned, when I put my mind and heart into something I really do whatever it takes to achieve it. Whether I stumble and fall many times, get back up and move forward. I was a cry baby when it comes to my family but when it comes to falling hard, getting bruises having wounds I don’t mind that. And growing up, my life? It was not sunny every day; it’s not perfect even until now. With my experiences I learned that the wound physically is better than a wound inside because a wound physically can be washed, put band aids on and after a while it will vanish as well as the scars but inside, it is so hard. Most of the time it takes years while some stays. So another thing I learned, I should not hurt others both physically and emotionally. Never be the reason of other people’s pain and suffering. And I truly believe with, “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

Most memorable moment:
Every moment with my whole family was the most memorable for me because I know, it will never be the same.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth?
I have a lot of reasons but I will share the three main ones. First, for me Miss Philippines Earth is a platform, a chance for me to be one of the movers and doers in helping to teach and let people understand how to truly love our earth. It is more than just having the crown. But it is both an honor and a responsibility. I can really see and experience the changes now than when I was younger. Even the heat when it touches your skin it is so different now. The air is way fresher before. The river banks, ocean was much cleaner. This is our only Earth, this is our home. If this will die, we will to. Some of us haven’t really realized that everything about us and our lives depend on Earth. Yes our Earth needs saving but by loving it truly that’s how we save it and I want to help in letting people know that, fight and work for our environment. I want to be an instrument because for 25 years our Earth has done a lot for me and for the people I love. And yes in my own simple ways I am doing my part in taking care of it but I believe it is now time to give back to our Earth and start doing bigger ones. And I truly believe that Miss Earth will help me do that. Second, the moment I entered the world of pageantry to be able to represent my City and be part of Miss Philippines Earth has been and will always be something I dream of. Writing this actually is still so surreal for me even if this is just yet an application. This is not just for me but this is for my whole family and the people who genuinely believe that I can and I will, in God’s time. Third, soon when things are in its right places and it’s the perfect time, I also want to have my own family. I want to be a mother. I have seen the transition and changes in our environment and I hope to give my family, my future children an environment that has trees, healthy plants, clean rivers and ocean that they can swim in, air that is so fresh that they’d rather feel than with air-conditions or fans, mountains and forests that are untouched, abundant in fruits and vegetables. I want them to leave in a place where it’s so beautiful, clean, healthy and happy all naturally. To a point where they would ask themselves, “is this real or am I dreaming?. I want to leave this earth with confidence that my family, my children, the people and my Mother Earth will be happy and healthy for the next 15 or even a thousand years, if possible. And that people learned how to truly take care and love our Earth.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
Sustainable Agricultural Practices for Food Security. I have heard and seen advocacies for the environment and it is really nice that we have people who really do things for our Earth. I am not just sure but so far, I only know 5 advocacies that are for food security. And I truly believe that with everything that’s been happening food security should be thought of long term. At this point it is not Climate Change prevention anymore but we are now in a stage where we try to minimize the damages and at least slow down the negative changes that are happening and could happen. Most of the country’s food supplies come from the provinces. I grew up in a rural area but I also was able to live in an urbanized place so I’ve experienced both lives and could really tell the difference of the abundance of food supplies from each areas. And I am scared because the threat of food security is becoming rampant. And it has affected a lot of areas. Food security is something that should also be given importance because our food systems are increasingly dependent on one another meaning if one extreme disaster will happen to one region it could disrupt some food systems not just in one region but could also be global food system as a whole. Also as we strive for food security, at some point it has also affected our environment. So I believe with Sustainable Agricultural Practices for Food Security while we fight and work to live we will also be saving our environment. We’re helping each other.