Miss Philippines Earth

Miss ABORLAN, Palawan


Age: 24
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Measurements: 35 inches - 24 inches - 36 inches
Occupation/Education: SK Chairperson

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
As a young girl living in the outskirts of the Municipality of Aborlan, I have acquired so much memorable experiences that I guess a usual Filipina coming from provinces could also relate to. When I was eight years old, my Mother would take me to adjacent farm lots which is not however our property in our Barangay, there we would plant different crops such as rice, stringbeans, watermelons, long chili, and corns. After harvest, we would sell these in our town market and in the highway near our residence to the passing vehicles as our customers, in the event that these will not be completely sold we also offer these to our neighbors.

In this farming experiences, I have been immersed in the importance of hard work and diligence to your own craft or whatever you do. It also gave me early realizations of the significance of agricultural resources as one of our gifts from Mother nature. Eventhough there were several challenges faced during these times because of financial shortcomings, I still managed to perform well during my early education because I know that this a simple yet meaningful way to make my Mother proud of me and for me to return in my own way her sacrifices for us.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
At a young age, I have already realized the importance of hardwork, I have seen how my Mother raised us through her perseverance despite of numerous hurdles and struggles, and this up until today inspires and fuels mo to keep going and achieve my ultimate dreams. With this source of inspiration and an exemplary example, I was able to manage to graduate on time while working with college degree I chose.

Another lesson life taught me at an early age is that everything happens for a reason. As I grew up without a biological father on my side I really thought at first that life was unfair for me. Recently I also had numerous plans that I wanted to do, however, it was also not realized. There are really things that may not work according to our own will no matter how hard we try and work for it. But for me this is the beauty of life, we cannot really control things to our favor, and there is an Almighty being that guides and may redirect our plans for the better.

Most memorable moment:
When I was crowned as Mutya ng Palawan 2018 in our province. Even though I am one of the youngest candidates in our batch I was able to perform my best and eventually earned the titled. Also it was the first time that my Mother came to watch and for me winning that night would be a great gift for her and a source of pride. Though it was really challenging and overhwleming, I always reminisce this experience until today when I felt that I made my Mother and my entire family so proud of me.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth?
To be a spokesperson of our indigenous cultural communities in protecting and conserving our environment in a national scope. It is because of my personal conviction that through preserving the heritage and indigenous culture, we will also be conserving and protecting the environment at the same time.

If given a chance, this opportunity may also prove that beauty queens from the grassroots communities can also work for the most important and pressing issues with our own lived experiences in a national scope.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
My advocacy is to champion rights of the indigeneous people’s and their natural, fundamental rights, and instrumental role in protecting our environment, specially the wildlife. Coming from the Municipality of Aborlan considered as the heartland of our respected IP’s the Tagbanuas I share with them the relevance and great importance of environmental protection and conservation.

We have to acknowledge that in the unfortunate impacts of climate change and global warming, they are the ones who may seriously suffer this is because of their subsistence economies and spiritual connection to the lands they occupy for a long time. Additionally, when we have secured the rights, privileges, and the role of our IP’s that they have we will enable the thriving of their culture along with their heritage and in the long term our natural environment.

I envision that through this advocacy, our leaders specially our local leaders institutionalize the Indigienous People such as the Tagbanuas in my hometown to be our official Eco-Warriors or Defenders. I firmly believe that whatever environmental policies we implement the active participation of our IP’s must be ensured, they must be present in every stage and in all processes of forging a better environment where every life and creature thrives.

What tip can you share to promote eco-tourism in your City or Municipality?
Nowadays the use of social media and even technology would be an avenue in promoting and marketing the eco-tourism of a particular place, however, it is also important if our local government shift its policies in making concrete plans in enriching the vibrant history, heritage, culture, while incorporating eco-tourism. With this plan, it would require that local governments and the academic institutions work closely together.

For instance, in our Municipality, because of an academic study it was found out that my hometown has been a part of the first circumnavigation of the world by the Spanish sailor Sebastian Elcano-Ferdinand Magellan, as a result there was a recognition from the Natioanl Historical Commision of the Philippines. This also includes numerous academic papers about our IP’s, the Tagbanuas and their rich culture that in the promotion of our town’s eco-tourism may be of great help.