Miss Philippines Earth

Miss AGLIPAY, Quirino


Age: 24
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Measurements: 34 inches - 24 inches - 34 inches
Occupation/Education: Nurse

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
Growing up as a menopausal baby, 7 months old and as the youngest of the family made me more special. I grew up with lots of love and care from my family, I catch all their attention and everybody believed that I can be achieved my dreams in life because they always have the guidance. I also grew up with my pets, I have lots of pets like cat and dog, one of the most interesting part of my childhood is when I and my mother always planting vegetables, when it's harvesting time I packed those vegetables and sell it to our neighbors. I miss my childhood days.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
I have learned that if you want to something then do something.

Most memorable moment:
Memorable moment of mine is when I won my first ever pageant and that is Miss Aglipay 2017. My family friends and team during that time are the best. Sad to share it with you that today January 19,2024 my handler during my first pageant passed away. And I wanted to dedicate thus pageant as my first national pageant to her.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth?
Because I wanted to let people know how beautiful our province is and aside from that I wanted to promote our natural resources not just in my province but in the whole Philippines as well.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
Eating a plant based diet. As a health care provider I observed that there's a lot of people who are suffering from different kind of diseases. I think the best way to prevent those diseases is by eating healthy. With that I can also promote Garden in every houses, gardening takes hard work, so it's their exercise as well. Eating healthy and building a good body alignment.

What tip can you share to promote eco-tourism in your City or Municipality?
Always choose natural things.