Miss Philippines Earth



Age: 23
Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches
Measurements: 33 inches - 24 inches - 36 inches
Occupation/Education: Fine Arts-Painting Student

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
I have a fun childhood growing up. I am close to my family, we would travel every summertime to new beaches and resorts together with my grandparents and cousins. I have a lot of cousins so it is chaotic whenever we’re all playing together. I am also very close with my grandparents, especially Lolo Boy (mama’s father) and Tita Lola (Lolo Boy’s sister) who stood as our second parents when my mom and dad would be gone all day working. They are truly my favorite people in the world.

Academically, I am a very active student, especially with extra-curricular activities. I started joining Journalism writing contests in 6th grade and was able to represent my school, ICA Dasmarinas, in a regional competition as the only elementary student from our school to compete. I also love dancing, so from the 5th grade till my high school years, I consistently joined cheer dance competitions and dance clubs. All though I do not dance professionally, it has been an important part of my life growing up as it brings joy and comfort to me growing up.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
“I am the leader of my life”

During my 12th grade in high school, I experienced for the very first time in my life to fail in school, almost half of my subjects to be exact. I lost a lot of friends in the process and had been criticized for a lot of things (my reputation, physical appearance, etc.). As an overachiever and people pleaser, I relied a lot on other people’s approval/validation of what I do and accomplish. Because of this, I had a hard time staying true to myself and my goals because I let my energy revolve around others’ perceptions of me. Falling in front of a lot of people who had seen me never falter before even during difficult times was quite the experience. I felt lost for a while, but in time I was able to accept that I am capable of failure and mistakes. I won’t be able to take back the bad days, but what I can do is focus on the present. I have grown to understand how important it is to take a stand, believe in myself, move past negative criticism, and conquer what is in front of me one at a time. We need to acknowledge every progress we make and appreciate both the good and bad days because each day teaches us something, and that is to never give up. I have always been scared of disappointing others, but now I know that my life will never be just a straight path of accomplishing good things because by experiencing defeats, I become wiser and stronger. I will be the one fighting my battles, so having that security within myself and also with the people whom I genuinely love and gain extra strength from, is important. I am the leader of my life and choices, I am the writer of my own story.

Most memorable moment:
It was during the time me and my family went on a vacation in Coron, Palawan. During the entirety of the whole vacation, I was able to detach from my busy life and my phone. I really valued this experience not just because I was able to explore a part of our country that is beaming with nature, but I was also able to make good memories with my family, had long and deep conversations with my mom and her best friend, and just relax. I was so entranced with the beauty of the seas especially when we went Island hopping, Kayangan Lake was my favorite. It felt like living in a beautiful paradise, the water is like crystals and the hot spring was amazing. I had so much fun taking a plunge with my siblings, even if I was quite scared at first. The water was so clear that you can really see how deep it is. We were also able to eat great food and do a lot of water sports activities. Seeing the life under the sea was surreal, to see so much life thrive deep down the waters.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth?
I want to become Miss Earth Philippines because I want to start an impact on making smart choices for the environment. As much as I want to grow, I want the world to grow with me. With this platform I can share my story and inspire people to care for the Earth. I want to be able to engage everyone to make a huge difference for the environment through simple ways everyday in their lives. To be able to join here is a huge opportunity for me to have a bigger reach for my advocacy. Becoming Ms. Philippines Earth 2023 not only holds the title of becoming the representative of our country but also the responsibility of bringing change to our community, especially our environment. As I venture to study medicine, I am learning more about the value of our lives, and as I aspire to far greater platforms like Ms. Philippines Earth, I want to learn more about how I can ignite necessary changes in our environment which is the core of how we were able to flourish and grow into the life we have today. I am young, but I strongly believe that I am capable of becoming a voice to influence others, especially my fellow youths to understand our current environmental issues and strive for a society that leads by accountability and sustainability.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
Art for a Cause: An impactful way to protect biodiversity and promote sustainability A tip I would like to share to promote eco-tourism in Cavite is for us to utilize our social media platforms to keep our communities involved and aware of what eco-tourism is and its importance. It is the easiest and fastest way for us to properly engage people in conversations about preserving our natural resources and introduce to them the beauty of nature present in our own cities. Cavite is thriving with so many reserves, farms, and eco-parks that promote hands-on learning, attractions, and activities that aim to kindle the appreciation for our environment. Through the use of this tool, we can further capture the interests of people of all ages and encourage our communities to participate and take action in their own ways.

What tip can you share to promote eco-tourism in your City or Municipality?
It all starts in us. As individuals we have to know our responsibility and make an effort in practicing simple ways of helping the earth. Instead of riding cars or motorcycles for some errands, why not walk? Instead of buying mass-produced products, why not purchase from local store owners? Practice supporting non-profit businesses and sustainable materials. Making it a habit to do these little things can make a huge difference for the Earth.