Miss Philippines Earth

Miss LUPAO, Nueva Ecija


Age: 23
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Measurements: 36 inches - 25 inches - 37 inches
Occupation/Education: Flight Attendant

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
I am forever grateful for our heavenly father for giving my family and I a life that I consider comfortable. I remember during these years; my youngest brother, Enrique, came into this world. Both my brother, Randy, and I, who are just 10 months apart by birth was reintroduced to the fascination of childhood due fact that we had a baby brother. Being an older sister became clearer to me since I was the eldest, and I really love spending time with my family. During these years we were also introduced to digital technology, this is when I discovered my interest in video games. But beyond this, my sport, volleyball, was really impactful in my life back then, my father told us that “If you have no sport, you will miss a lot of important values in life”. I started badminton at the age of 4, at the age of 6-8 I was playing tennis for Smart telecom, and at the age of 8-10 I was dedicated as a swimmer for Bert Lozada and a Brown Belter in Karate in Philippine Columbian Association. Thus, when I became dedicated as a 6 years volleyball player from the age of 11, I learnt that sports definitely extend what we learn at home, that value of communication, discipline and self- trust. Believing in one’s potential.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
One prominent lesson that I have learnt growing up was the importance of knowing what noise to listen to and which to shut out of my life. It was not easy during my younger years since I was heavily criticized with the way I look, more particularly my body and skin complexion. Alongside this, I have learnt discipline through my family core values and at the same time through the sports that I have played, I was committed to both football and volleyball, with 6 years playing of the latter game. Sports instilled in me the essence of teamwork, communication, trust and discipline. Knowing that I can be more purposeful have driven me to become more focused in my college years which led me to graduate as Cum Laude. Hence, learning to grow above judgement and embracing uniqueness fueled me to the core.

Most memorable moment:
My most memorable moment was my first flight as a cabin crew to Puerto Princesa in Palawan. My mom passed in 2018, she had the greatest dream of becoming a flight attendant but due to financial capability that remained in her dream. I have always prayed to become one, not only to bring my family honor but also to fulfill my dream and my mom’s as well. She had the greatest impact in my life, she was a beacon of strength even when the cancer cells have spread all throughout her body, she never showed dismay or defeat, she was a great sign of hope because she was generous beyond what the world could imagine. I remember that there was an instance that every year during her birthday we would celebrate with a lunch out with family and close relatives to her favorite shabu-shabu but before that we would make sure to go to church first thing in the morning for thanksgiving, and we would prepare alms to give to the homeless. Realizing it now, she extended within us the heart so big that people loved my mom. In every flight, I pray for safety and I talk to my mom to fly with me, so I always ensure to bring with me her favorite shawl because I know that she may have passed in this world but she will always remain in me.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth?
Society have built a wall with implications of standards on what beauty should only be. I believe that if given the chance to bring home the crown of Miss Philippines Earth 2023, it will become an honor and an inspiration for those who see themselves so little. I was heavily criticized with the way I look, but now I confidently aspire to become Miss Philippines Earth because there is so much that I can do to better contribute for the well-being of our environment and those living in it because how can we prioritize our surroundings when in our mind we are not well, I will act as an inspiration rather than listen to what other people have to say. Actions such as my advocacy which is “RICECYCLE”, which is a “Isang Kilong plastic, Isang Kilong Bigas” movement. This is a collective effort participated by both the community and organization that I am working with. The people will be more well aware of the negative impacts of trash in the country and at the same time be more educated on proper waste management. This is one of the many activities that I pledge to do as Miss Philippines Earth and I aspire to move one soul because

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
As a Tourism graduate, I truly understand the essence of Tourism, for its 9 pillars serve as a foundation for better economic, operational and environmental spheres. Hence, it is just but fitting to focus on sustainable actions that can better provide opportunities for the local people here in Nueva Ecija. Being the rice granary of the Philippines, with collective effort with the Local Government, I will establish the “RICECYCLE” Isang Kilong Plastic, Isang Kilong Bigas movement, which is a sustainable exchange because it is indeed trash into treasure. Given that we are the Rice granary of the Philippines, Nueva Ecija, it is also a way to further strengthen agriculture in the province. In line with this, this, people are to be motivated to put their plastic waste to better use and the proceeds from this will be upcycled to products that are of use to people. Hence, learning to implement the 5 R’s. Once we are able to do so, it is a call for action for all cities and municipalities not just in Nueva Ecija but all around the Earth.

What tip can you share to promote eco-tourism in your City or Municipality?
As the representative of the rice granary of the Philippines, Nueva Ecija, one of the best ways to foster a sense of pride and ownership in preserving this title is to give back to Agriculture in the province. The tip and effort that I can provide is my advocacy “RICECYCLE”, Isang Kilong plastic, Isang Kilong Bigas movement, it is a community engagement project that will promote hands-on experience for those who will donate and the people who will be positively influenced to do good for Mother Nature. Next, activities such as tree planting, and opting for organic practices that can be shared to the people such as Micro-farming. Micro-farming can be taught to people and seeking for organic practices can do good for both the outcome and the environment where that crops and plants will grow. Lastly, through the aforementioned initiatives, volunteerism will then be implemented, in collaboration with LGU’s and NGOs whom share the common goal and have expertise in leveraging our resources and assuring long-term success of this eco-effort, people my age will realize the importance of promoting the natural and heritage spheres of tourism in the province. Hence, further having eco-consciousness through sustainable actions.