Miss Philippines Earth

Miss Fil-Com MELBOURNE, Australia


Age: 19
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Measurements: 34 inches - 26 inches - 35 inches
Occupation/Education: Customer Service

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
My childhood was a ride, with it’s ups and downs like many others I can say the positives outweighed the negatives. I was always the nerdy kid. Bushy eyebrows, pupil enlarging glasses that made me have the appearance of a frog, and a wild personality. I was the fire that never extinguished. However, during primary school I found people didn’t like what I had, I was bullied. They would say my eyebrows were too close together, ..”you have a monobrow, you are ugly, shave your mustache… ,” and a lot more hurtful things. But having a strong personality developed from my love of music, and Taekwondo, I was persistent. I concluded that the only way I’d get through this is by ignoring the negatives, and so I did. It worked. People started respecting me because I was tolerant to the most dangerous weapons, peoples words. And I became the bulletproof tank amidst the battlefield of school. Eventually as I grew up I did conform to some of societies expectations but I continued to bring my mojo with me to highschool. Ignore, reflect, and step forward. And what helped was my weekly sessions at Taekwondo, and in the midst of my room singing. During Taekwondo I was able to let my personality shine, I purely focused on the technique and precision of the steps I had to learn, mastering my abilities until I reached my 3rd dan, I found something that made me who I am now. It gave me confidence, and strength, and the good thing is that my external appearance no longer mattered here, they judged for my technique, persistence, and strength. And I was good at Taekwondo. This goes for singing too, I found the roots of my singing came from my mother and I soon picked it up quite fast, I’d sing my heart out online and at events and would be able to emotionally commit 100% which let out a lot of weight on my shoulders. School become a breeze, and the mojo I carry today has gotten me through quite a lot. One profound memory of my childhood though, was me blasting Stereo Hearts – by Radio Gym Class, and singing my heart out with a few of my family friends. We sounded horrible, and I remember cracking at the high notes but still persevering thinking it sounded good. That memory instilled the love of music within me to this day, and that song is iconic. It reminds me of the child I was once, and will always be.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
The lesson I learnt from my childhood, is to ignore, reflect, and step forward. Not everyone will be happy with what you choose to do, or want to do, and that is normal. So I found through flitering what was detrimental and not necessary for me to care about, and reflecting on ways I could improve or advice people have given me, was beneficial in my progression to success. Because dwelling on the negatives, and not finding ways to benefit from your mistakes could bring you to a halt. I found that I had a habbit of putting myself down, so eventually I decided I would no longer face the tiresome cycle that my mind secluded me in. I carried my mojo throughout my life, and found success through it’s steps and still continue to do so, because why should the internal and external negatives be the determiners of my life?

Most memorable moment:
I stood to the side of the stage eagearly awaiting the sound que of the instruments, and the spotlight that would shine on the microphone. The beginning of the song ‘No Time to Die’ by Billie Ellish begun to play, the pianist started the show, then followed by the Celllo players, I walked into the certain of the stage and grabbed the microphone and started to sing the song. That moment was memorable. Why? It was an immersion of my hardwork, favourite song, orchestral instruments playing in harmony, and a world tucked away in comfort. The stage was my home during highschool. And this performance was a one in a lifetime. It was the last performance I got to do since it was the end of the year awards night gala for year twelves. And it still starstruck me to this date reminiscing in it’s glory. I was so proud of myself, why you may ask? For walking on the stage infront of hundreds, for hitting the high belted note to the denoument of the song, and for being able to work in cohesion with talented performers, and professionals. It was a night, a memory, that is forever engraved in the stone hedge of the past.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth?
The reason I would want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2023 is because I aim to gain a platform that will help to bring a drive to my advocacy, and allow me to educate and influence those in the Philippines and globally. During the reign I aim to gather crucial knowledge and disperse this throughout the filipino communities I visit, I aim to give them a proper understanding of waste reduction and ways they can step up.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
I would never wish for any person to have to wake up to a world that no longer contains the beauty of it’s flora and fauna. It is the thing that decorates the Earth and gives it a spark. However, because of the world’s ever-increasing production of waste (2.1 billion tones of it, expected to increase roughly by 70 percent to 3.4 billion metric tonnes by 2050), the Earth is losing the beauty of it’s natural environments. Animals suffering the full front of human waste, having their ecosystems polluted with dangerous objects that aren’t biodegradble, when then plauges the health of the world species.

As apart of the younger generation, I found that I needed to act upon this. And so here I am advocating for the reduction of Single Use Products, and the transition to Sustainable lifestyle choices. It is of vital importance, and an advocacy that aims to increase the conservation of our ecosystems through sustainable lifestyle/and purchasing choices. So, we harm the world around us a little less. Also, being a volunteer in the program, Clean Up Org Australia, I found how grave this issue is, being exposed to the amounts of plastic corrupting the beautiful landscapes during a clean up event conducted, was disheartening, previously I had never picked up as much waste as I did that day. So, it is now or never to take the first step by pledging to do something sustainably which can help reduce the amount of waste your household produces, because we all need to step up to create a more circular economy where everything is a resource and no longer waste.

What tip can you share to promote eco-tourism in your City or Municipality?
Within Victoria, the tip I’d give to promote eco-tourism is to ensure tourists are educated/informed on Victoria’s rich indigenous culture. As it dates back to 60,000 years, and has many opportunities for people to connect to basically the inventors of living suistanabily. So, the Victorian government should invest in proper awareness, and encouragement of the Indigenous culture, through advertising cultural tours, bushwalk experiences, or indigenous food tours, frequently to media platforms. Which brings tourists who can respect, and embrace the land properly. While also bringing insights to the rich, and amazing culture of the indigenous people, then boosting the tourism industry.