Miss Philippines Earth 2018 Delegates

San Jose del Monte City
Dyosa ng Kabundukan
Age & Profession/Education: 18, Student
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Measurements: 33 inches - 24 inches - 35 inches

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
Fun, exciting and full of nostalgia. Day by day I learn and try new things which make each part of me a person, as a result of who I am today.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
Always be the best version of yourself, there is nothing to lose.

Most memorable moment:
When I was fifteen I joined a Pageant for the first time and won the major title and I had my first crown, including an endorsement of Kokuryu for three years. It was magical and unexpected.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2018?
I want to use my voice to implement and spread awareness and knowledge of how we will be able to save the planet Earth. I believe, there is a difference between explaining and telling people what climate change really is. It is timely and needs full attention to be solved, but first we need to stand as a nation in order to preserve the Mother Earth. People need to understand that if we want something to be fixed, then we need to have constant cooperation. I want to share this not only to my country, but the whole world.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
It is to reduce the use of plastic. Using reusable utensils instead of disposable ones is already a big help to start a change in the community. Bringing our own metal utensils and water bottles in fast-foods and restaurants lessens the use of plastic and lessens the plastic that gets burned that has a huge impact to destroy the ozone layer of the Earth which is healing right now.