Miss Philippines Earth 2018 Delegates

San Pedro City
Age & Profession/Education: 19, Tourism Management Student
Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches
Measurements: 32 inches - 25 inches - 34 inches

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
I was born and raised in San Pedro City,Laguna and my mother opened my eyes in protecting our environment about proper wastes disposal, conserving energy and more.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
I have learned that I need to be a Responsible person at home, in school, and in our environment because that is what my parents taught me.

Most memorable moment:
When I saw my parents proud of what I am doing.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2018?
I want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2018 because I want to continue the legacy of what Miss Philippines Earth have started and at the same time I want to raise awareness on preservation and protection of our tourist destinations likewise increasing our country's tourism industry.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
My advocacy focuses on both Health and environment. I will inculcate the significance of well balanced eating habits and daily routine exercise through each mind and heart of the people. Likewise, i will promote the use of organic products and encourage people especially the youth to join in different activities that relate to the environment so that we can help in preserving our beautiful mother nature.