Miss Philippines Earth 2018 Delegates

Sta.Cruz, Marinduque
Age & Profession/Education: 20, Tourism Management Student
Measurements: 30 inches - 24 inches - 34 inches

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
Despite living an unprivileged life I had a very happy childhood. I lived in a simple house with a two loving parents and equally loving siblings. I was the youngest back then so I was the baby of the family. I'm a very jolly kid. I always want to interact with other kids. I am close to my cousins, we used to play hide in seek, fly kites, play tumbang preso and other famous Filipino games in 90's. We lacked in financial department but I surely received a lot of love and happiness.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
What I've learned is that life isn't really easy, growing up with parents who only earned enough for our everyday necessities. I had to save up just to get the things that I want, I learned to be contented of what we have, value simple things in life and to be happy about it. I was accustomed to share whatever I have, may it be big or small. My parents also thought me to be respectful to others, to not hesitate to lend a hand whenever I can, to possess humility and to be honest always.

Most memorable moment:
The most memorable moment for me is when i was a child, every Christmas and new year my mother and us siblings would go to church together. We don't do that anymore because my siblings have their own family. That is why it is very special to me.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2018?
I want to be Miss Philippines Earth, First, because I want to promote our province, Marinduque especially our town Sta. Cruz. Our government is now focusing on the implementation of projects for Eco-Tourism. We have several Eco-tourism activities. Winning Miss Philippines Earth will be a great channel for me to help achieve our government’s goal (starting in my own hometown) on uplifting lives of our communities while protecting our environment. Eco-Tourism means creating jobs for the locals, giving them chance to build a better tomorrow for their families while conserving and protecting our natural resources.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
My advocacy is about promoting Eco-tourism, since our province possess a lot of many possible Eco-Tourism sites and our country as a whole. I want to be a help on spreading knowledge about Conservation, Responsible traveling, Impacts of tourism in our environment. Eco-Tourism is a big help for the creation of economic opportunities for the local communities, its focus is on the protection of the environment, minimizing the impact of environmental development, enhance the cultural integrity of the locals. Developing our potential areas without sacrificing its natural beauty and preserving it for the next generation.