Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Delegates

Daniella Marisse Fernandez
Biñan City

Age: 27
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Measurements: 34 inches - 25 inches - 35 inches
Occupation: Company President

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
Growing up beside Laguna de bay was a lot different from everyone else’s usual backyard. We normally faced flash floods that will stay for 3 months, but after the flood we now have a bigger playground. It was a fun, extraordinary and amazing childhood. Our parents taught us how to play piko, patintero and moromoro.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
My childhood taught me that we should treasure the lessons that life brought us.

Most memorable moment:
My most memorable moment was when I won as Division Champion of the World - Modeling Category at the World Championships of Performing Arts(WCOPA) last 2018. Representing the Philippines and bringing home a huge recognition for our country is something that I can treasure for the rest of my life.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2019?
I want to become Miss Philippines Earth 2020 because I believe that I have the voice to reach out to people and convince them that we need to take care of our environment.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
My advocacy is “Advocacy Tourism”, which creates awareness that everyone can play a part by being a responsible tourist. I chose this because I use my voice to promote tourism in the Philippines, but also reminding the tourists that discipline is the key and we should always be mindful of what we do in this world. As Arthur Ashe once said, “start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can” because we only have one Earth.