Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Delegates

Alexandra Michaela Bobadilla
Parañaque City

Age: 22
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Measurements: 33 inches - 25 inches - 34 inches
Education: Studying BS Entrepreneurship

Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):
My childhood was mostly me having to stand on my own because my mom was abroad.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
Because my mom was working abroad during my childhood, I’ve learned to be independent.

Most memorable moment:
My most memorable moments were having my complete family every Christmas season.

Why do you want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2019?
I want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2020 to build my self-confidence and to pursue my advocacy.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
Upcycling and recycling aspect of waste management.